Which solution is right for your classroom?

With a choice of interactive display systems, learner response and assessment systems, a whole range of other interactive tools and complementary software there is a solution for every customer. Explore them in more detail below.

With a choice of interactive display systems, learner response and assessment systems, a whole range of other interactive tools and complementary software, there is a solution for every customer. Explore them in more detail below.

The new generation of ActivPanel is here

  • Light up the room and students’ imaginations with a touch panel that offers an incredible full HD and 4K Ultra HD picture quality
  • Create and deliver interactive lessons and assessments with the award-winning software, ClassFlow and ActivInspire. An ActivInspire Professional Edition license is included in your ActivPanel purchase
  • Create a seamless teaching and learning experience with the external Wi-Fi enabled Android device that enables wireless mirroring of mobile devices to the ActivPanel
  • Instantly download and use your favourite apps from any Android App Store
  • Multiuser interactively with 10 simultaneous touch points and one digital pen. ActivGlide surface technology provides smooth multi-touch interactivity that eradicates finger burn experienced on other touch screen surfaces after prolonged use
  • Best in class connectivity with a variety of ports for convenient peripheral connectivity, including 4 HDMI ports, 4 USB touch, 2 OPS slots, VGA, Audio, Source Switched USB HUB and more
  • Choose from 55”,65”, 75” and 84” classroom-tough touch panels

Please click here for your ActivPanel V4 tool kit

  • Reduce the technology learning curve, but retain the precision that Promethean’s ActivBoards are known for
  • Combines dry-erase surface option with the interactive functionality to create a solution that can be used for every occasion
  • Move from finger to stylus interaction to suit the needs of the lesson or the whim of the moment
  • No need to remove or replace the stylus in a tray or make a selection in the software. Just grab the stylus or ready your finger; the functionality of each is the same on ActivBoard Touch
  • Up to six students or a teacher and a group of students can work simultaneously and collaboratively with ActivBoard Touch multi-user functionality, promoting collaboration and student engagement
  • Works seamlessly with Promethean solutions, it’s flexible enough to complement most other existing classroom technology
  • ActivBoard 6 Touch available in 78” and 80” models

Promethean Product Update

We wanted to make you aware of an update for the ActivConnect G-Series which we released on 1st October. You may wish to communicate this to your customers who have recently had a panel and G-series installed.

The following updates will be made to the ActivConnect G-Series:

  • Google Services – Customers who have installed Google Services on their ActivConnect G-Series will no longer need to re-install Google Services after updating the ActivConnect G-Series software.
  • Mirroring – This release will fix current device mirroring issues encountered by ActivCast app users utilising Apple devices with iOS10 and El Capitan.
  • Aptoide Content – A custom version of Aptoide will be released that filters user content to K12 educational apps and gives Promethean the capability to curate and add additional education apps in the future. A new Aptoide app icon will be implemented to indicate the destination to the curated app store.
  • Power Button - intermittent pink power button disappearance will be fixed by this update.
  • Password Protected - Users will now be able to set a password lock on the device.
  • Updates - Users will have the option to perform software updates or update the device at a later date.

Please be aware, as the update has been pushed out (1st October) the unit will need to be connected to the internet to access the update. Users will have the option to perform the software update or update the device at a later date.

Please contact your Account Manager.


ActivConnect is a wireless presentation solution that connects existing technology, including computers, tablets and smartphones, wirelessly to the meeting or conference room screen monitor. Power on the conference room screen monitor to view the ActivConnect homepage and instantly connect attendees' devices to share screens wirelessly - no cables or setup required.

ActivConnect solves the problem of connectivity in any meeting room. It decreases unproductive meeting time while searching for correct cable or downloading software drivers or apps. It increases the ability to facilitate unique workspaces without needing to rewire or rearrange meeting rooms.

ActivConnect also reduces service calls to fix broken or missing cables and wires, and administration can be performed remotely, reducing the total supported items in the room.

Key Features

  • Instant white-boarding – no need to wait for the computer to start
  • Real time annotation for effective collaboration
  • Device management - supports the widest range of devices in the market
  • Simultaneously secure both user and guest access
  • Expand screen and collaborate on any background
  • Save your notes from your meeting in full fidelity for review
  • Remotely interact with the screen when touch is not available
  • Compare, collaborate and share in real time on the same space

Please click here for ActivConnect “How to Guide"

ActivInspire Software

Award winning software included with both the ActivPanel Touch and ActivBoard Systems, to enable the most current teaching and presenting styles. It is designed specifically for use with education technology, and enables the teacher to lead the class, create new lessons filled with rich, powerful activities to grab the attention of the whole class, or work with students on personalised Assessment for Learning activities. Teachers can partner with Promethean to develop an interactive solution tailored to empower them to achieve their goals. Works with both ActivPanel Touch and ActivBoard Touch.


Improve student engagement with the interactive and collaborative use of classroom devices, digital curriculum and assessments for learning.

  • Deliver interactive lessons - Engage every student by presenting and sharing interactive lesson materials such as videos, images and other digital content
  • Measure student learning - Assess student comprehension in the moment of learning through formative assessment and instant polling
  • Differentiate instruction - Customise lesson content and delivery for individual students or different groups
  • Extend learning beyond the classroom - Instil in students independent problem-solving skills by implementing student-centred learning models


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